Construction Loans

Whatever the scale of your construction project talk to Fidelity Capital Home Loans first. We have experience with construction lending from construction to permanent, bridge financing or even FHA 203k loans I have done them. The most difficult thing is trying to get money AFTER you start your project so planning and budget have to be well worked out before you break ground or start any project.

I have worked with borrowers who have started relatively small projects that turn into much larger ones and everyone, everyone starts out trying to be thrifty but at every turn for a few dollars more you can have something better and everyone, everyone goes over budget. Many times this means you have to be more realistic upfront and do more research into costs, and it also means you must be disciplined and stay with your original well worked vision. If you already are working with a contractor or builder know exactly what the lender needs from them. We communicate and make sure your loan gets funded and that after the loan funds you are able to get further draws (many lenders don’t release all funds at once), permanent financing or a refinance depending on your project. Contact us now and let us help you create your vision.

Do you have a project that you need help on?

Here at Fidelity Capital Home Loans. We feel every great lasting relationship starts off with a simple conversation. Our dedicated team can provide you with some general advice, price quotes and even give you some ideas about your next project. Contact us and we will get right back to you. Need to reach us faster?

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