Purchase Loans

If you are buying a new home or property you can count on Fidelity Capital Home Loans to offer the best choices and lowest rates. We have experience working with first time home buyers, realtors, lawyers, escrow, pest and all the various people and services that have to come together for your escrow to close.

At Fidelity Capital Home Loans we are looking out for you with Fair pricing, no hidden fees, excellent service and extensive knowledge and expertise of the industry. This along with integrity and a commitment to excellence are the standard of Fidelity Capital Home Loans.

We guide you through options of first time home buyer programs, and other buyer assistance programs, ask if any programs might apply at the city, state or federal level. We will explain and provide options for fixed, variable and buy down loans to help you qualify and afford your payments. We work with conventional as well as government loans and also work with portfolio lenders such as banks.

Get Pre Approved

Do you have a project that you need help on?

Here at Fidelity Capital Home Loans. We feel every great lasting relationship starts off with a simple conversation. Our dedicated team can provide you with some general advice, price quotes and even give you some ideas about your next project. Contact us and we will get right back to you. Need to reach us faster?

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